Tool condition monitoring method in milling process using wavelet transform and long short-term memory
Fatemeh Aghazadeh  1@  , Souheil-Antoine Tahan  1  , Marc Thomas  1  
1 : Ecole de Technologie Supérieure [Montréal]

Industrial automation is a promising move to fulfill today's competitive manufacturing industry demands by lowering operation costs, increasing productivity and quality. Monitoring the production process is one of the important steps toward total autonomy of manufacturing plants, which reduces routine checks, enables proactive maintenance and reduces repair costs. This research investigates tool wear as one of the most common faults in milling process during cutting of the D2 high speed steel as a hard to cut material using Carbide Walter End Mill Protostar tool. Vibration signal is chosen to represent the system status due to its applicability in industry. Signals are transformed into time-frequency domain using Wavelet Transform method to reveal both time domain and frequency domain features of the signal simultaneously. In order to model the complex and non-linear relations between tool wear and vibration signals under varying cutting parameters, a deep learning based algorithm, Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Artificial neural networks (ANNs) is employed. Deep learning algorithms are getting lots of attention recently within the diagnosis and prognosis community because of their exceptional performance in exploiting information in big data to solve complex problems. LSTM network is a type of recurrent ANNs that have some internal cells that act as long-term or short-term memory units, which is most suitable for sequential data and time series like vibration signals in our analysis. After designing the system, performance of the monitoring method is validated using experimentally acquired data with K2X10 Huron high speed CNC machine in LIPPS and Dynamo labs of ETS. 

Keywords Deep Learning, Tool Wear, Wavelet Transform, Condition Monitoring, Time-Frequency Transformation, Machining Process


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