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A non-parametric generalization of the synchronous average in the cyclo-non-stationary framework

Abboud Dany, Assoumane Amadou, Marnissi Yosra, El Badaoui Mohammed

Towards the use of hybrid models for diagnosis and prognosis in turbomachinery health management

Heyns Stephan, Ellis Brian, Diamond David, Du Toit Ronald

Detection-selection method for local damage detection in vibration data using distribution modeling

Michalak Anna, Wodecki Jacek, Wylomanska Agnieszka, Zimroz Radoslaw

Multiple impulsive components reconstruction for local damage detection using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Wodecki Jacek, Michalak Anna, Wylomanska Agnieszka, Zimroz Radoslaw

Helicopter transmission gearbox fault detection using an enhanced minimum entropy deconvolution adjusted method

Zhang Xin, Wang Jiaxu, Liu Zhiwen, Antoni Jérôme

A Deep Learning-based Approach for fault diagnosis: Application to Bearing Fault Detection

Dahi Khalid

Milling diagnosis using machine learning approaches

Knittel Dominique, Nouari Mohammed

Rolling bearing diagnosis based on H-infinity filter order tracking

Assoumane Amadou, Abboud Dany, Edgard Sekko, El Badaoui Mohamed

Programmable band-gaps in periodic structures

Matten Gaël, Ouisse Morvan, Chevallier Gaël, Collet Manuel, Yi Kaijun

Long-term vibration monitoring of induction motors in the food industry with low-cost accelerometers

Ompusunggu Agusmian, Janssen Karel, Dzyuba Vladimir

Research on Variation Mechanism of Three-dimensional Tip Clearance of Cracked Blade in Aero-engine Acceleration Process

Xiong Yiwei, Zhang Xiaodong, Xie Siying, Liu Hongcheng

Demodulating of three-dimensional tip clearance of turbine blades using BP neural network with optimized genetic algorithm

Liu Hongcheng, Zhang Xiaodong, Xiong Yiwei, Xie Siying

Temperature control of a composite core for adaptive stiffness and damping

Renault David, Butaud Pauline, Ouisse Morvan, Verdin Benoît, Chevallier Gaël, Joseph Eric

Structural dynamics of electric machines subjected to PWM excitations

Topenot Margaux, Ouisse Morvan, Chevallier Gaël, Vaillant Damien

Modal identification of machining robots

Maamar Asia, Gagnol Vincent, Sabourin Laurent, Le Thien Phu

Robust design of damping devices constituted of viscoelastic materials

Jaboviste Kévin, Sadoulet-Reboul Emeline, Peyret Nicolas, Arnould Charles, Collard Eric, Chevallier Gaël

Methodology for the robust design of a network of dynamic vibration absorbers

Jaboviste Kévin, Sadoulet-Reboul Emeline, Peyret Nicolas, Arnould Charles, Collard Eric, Chevallier Gaël

Ball bearing diagnostics based on statistical metrics of cyclostationarity

Pancaldi Fabrizio, Riccardo Rubini, Cocconcelli Marco

Experimental evidence of MCSA for the diagnosis of ball-bearings

Immovilli Fabio, Lippi Marco, Cocconcelli Marco

A Deep Learning Protocol for Condition Monitoring and Fault Identification in a Rotor-Bearing System from raw Time-Domain data

Sonkul Nikhil, Singh Jasdeep, Vyas Nalinaksh S.

Exploring periodicity and dispersion diagrams in muffler design

Ferreira Vitor, Lima Vinicius D., Huallpa Belisario N., Arruda José Roberto

CMBase, a universal gateway to condition monitoring datasets

Capdessus Cécile, Bonnardot Frédéric

A new data driven framework for the numerical transformation of the mechanical industry

Eltabach Mario

Multiband Modulation Energy Tracking for bearing fault diagnosis

Ga??zia Adam, Gryllias Konstantinos

Investigation of the Influence of the Operating Parameters on theMagnetic Encoder Geometric Error Compensation

Cakar Halil Ibrahim, André Hugo

The virtual machine : a signal generator based on realistic dynamic behavior

Remond Didier, Bourdon Adeline

Cyclo-non-stationary analysis for bearing fault identification based on instantaneous angular speed estimation

Sierra-Alonso Edgar F., Antoni Jérôme, Castellanos-Dominguez Geman


Aghazadeh Fatemeh, Tahan Souheil-Antoine, Thomas Marc

Improved structural heath monitoring features on 3D printed structures by piezoelectric implants

Cui Xiaopeng, Mingfa Zhang


Bareille Olivier, Salvia Michelle, Zhang Mingfa, Cui Xiaopeng

Angle domain inverse acoustic imaging for ICE powertrain combustion and mechanical noise identification

Colangeli Claudio, Montani Stefano, Lanslots Jeroen, Paillasseur Sebastien, Bianciardi Fabio, Janssens Karl

Modelling of spur gear wear and influence on gear mesh stiffness

Sun Xiuquan, Wang Tie, Gu Fengshou, Zhang Ruiliang, Ball Andrew D.

A semi-supervised Support Vector Data Description- based fault detection method for rolling element bearings based on Cyclic Spectral Coherence

Liu Chenyu, Gryllias Konstantinos

Autonomous Embedded Vibroacoustic Measurements: an efficient tool for railway monitoring

Clerc Christian, Augez Romain

Edge computing for advanced vibration signal processing

Helsen Jan, Cédric Peeters, Guillaume Patrick

Fault Detection and Diagnosis of IC Engine based Power Trains by IAS

Xu Yuandong, Yun Yuliang, Gu Fengshou, Ball Andrew D.

Neuroevolution for bearing diagnosis

Raad Amani, Antoni Jérôme

Time and angular modeling of gearboxes driven by asynchronous motors under non-stationary operating conditions

Feki Nabih, Hammami Ahmed, Chaari Fakher, Abbes Mohamed Slim, Haddar Mohamed

Comparison of pseudo-static and modal spectral seismic analyses of motor-driven pump units: is 1.5 security coefficient of pseudo-static method relevant?

Audebert Sylvie, Rousseu Damien

Characterization of the damping added by a foam on a plate by an inverse vibration problem

Le Deunf Meryem, Pézerat Charles, Ablitzer Frédéric, Puvilland Serge

A benchmark study on the configuration of metaporoelastic interfaces for acoustic isolation enhancement.

Weisser Thomas, Groby Jean Philippe, Dazel Olivier, Schwan Logan, Deckers Elke, Geslain Alan, Lagarrigue Clément, Lecoq Damien

Influence of the initial compression level on the dynamic response of flexible polyurethane foams

Jebali Bilel, Weisser Thomas, Dupuis Raphaël

Identification through Frequency-Domain Methods of Hysteretic Models for Bolted Joints of Assembled Structures

Teloli Rafael

Gears faults classification: from mastered data to new ones using transfer learning.

Carbonelli Alexandre, Baron Valentin, Barcet Sylvain

Monitoring of dynamic lifting cables for diagnosis

Khadraoui Souha, Bolaers Fabrice, Dron Jean Paul, Cousinard Olivier

The Chaotic Dynamics of Helicopters with Nonlinearities on the Fuselage

Sanches Leonardo, Borges Da Silva Cesar Augusto, Michon Guilhem


Castellani Francesco, Astolfi Davide, Garibaldi Luigi, Daga Alessandro Paolo

Gears and bearings defaults: from classification to diagnosis using machine learning

Barcet Sylvain, Carbonelli Alexandre, Baron Valentin

Machine teaching to optimize algorithms performances on restricted dataset.

Carbonelli Alexandre, Waussen Maurin

Blind vibration filtering using envelope spectrum indicators for bearing and gear fault detection without knowledge of machine kinematics

Cédric Peeters, Antoni Jérôme, Helsen Jan

Vibration representation in time and phase domains, applications to aircraft engines

Griffaton Julien, Gomez Jose

Influence of Gaussian Signal Distribution Error on Radom Vibration Fatigue Calculations

Wang Yuzhu, Serra Roger

Fatigue evolution information extraction algorithm of ball bearing with secondary feature fusion

Wang Zhihai, Wu Xing, Liu Xiaoqin


Castellani Francesco, Astolfi Davide, Natili Francesco, Becchetti Matteo

Fourier-Bessel series expansion based blind deconvolution method for bearing fault detection

Soave Elia, Gianluca D'elia, Giorgio Dalpiaz

Prognostics of rolling element bearings based on Entropy indicators and Particle Filtering

Qi Junyu, Mauricio Alexandre, Konstantinos Gryllias

Design of a double spring membrane for a two degree-of-freedom electromagnetic vibration energy harvester

Perez Matthias, Chesne Simon, Jean-Mistral Claire, Billon Kevin, Bouvet Sandrine, Clerc Christian

Numerical simulation for finding the free surface of liquid in an open container with horizontal acceleration

Babajanivalashedi Reza, Dion Jean-Luc, Lo Feudo Stefania

Development of an IAS measurement tool in the frame of ARPE Project: MAVeRIck software

Bertoni Renaud

Coupled bending torsional vibrations of non-ideal energy source rotors going through critical speeds

Sghaier Emna, Dion Jean-Luc, Peyret Nicolas, Remond Didier, Boudon Adeline

Localization and quantification of damage by frequency based methods : Numerical and Experimental applications on bending vibration beams

Dubey Anurag, Denis Vivien, Serra Roger

Bifurcation Tracking and sub-harmonic isola detection in nonlinear mechanical systems

Alcorta Roberto, Prabel Benoit, Piteau Philippe, Baguet Sébastien, Georges Jacquet-Richardet

Rotating machine diagnosis using acoustic imaging and artificial intelligence

Darraz Abdelhakim, Thomas Jean-Hugh, Mollon Pierre, Kirie Gabriel, Antoni Jérôme, Larcher Anthony

Development of a vibration monitoring strategy based on cyclostationary analysis for the predictive maintenance of helicopter gearbox bearings

Camerini Valerio, Macchi Lucas, Champavier Frederic, Naccarato Gianni

Effects and optimization of the Particle Swarm Optimization parameters for structural dynamic monitoring of cantilever beam

Li Xiao-Lin, Serra Roger, Olivier Julien

Numerical and experimental analyses to enhance the vibration response of rotary transfer machines

Troncossi Marco, Martini Alberto, Vincenzi Nicolò, Rivola Alessandro

Experimental identification of the corrective effect of a non-circular pulley : application to timing belt drive dynamics

Passos Sébastien, Manin Lionel, Remond Didier, Sauvage Olivier, Rota Laurent, Besnier Etienne

Characterization of a Bouc-Wen model-based damper model for automobile comfort simulation

Gao Hanwei, Jézéquel Louis, Cabrol Eric, Vitry Bernard

A roughness indicator designed from the spectral coherence, proposition and application to bearing diagnosis

Kass Souhayb, Raad Amani, Antoni Jérôme

A model reduction method to analyze the dynamic behavior of vibrating structures with uncertain parameters

Kieu Duc-Thinh, Gobert Marie-Laure, Berger Sébastien, Mencik Jean-Mathieu

Big vibration data identification of bearing fault base on autoencoder network-based feature representation and optimal LSSVM-PSO classifier model

Nguyen V Hung

High Frequency Demodulation Technique for Instantaneous Angular Speed Estimation

Bonnardot Frédéric, Lizoul Khalid, Errafik Saad, André Hugo, Guillet François

Multi-physics modeling of asynchronous electrical machines in non-stationary conditions with eccentric rotor

Li Xiaowen, Bourdon Adeline, Remond Didier, Koechlin Samuel

Fixed point Algorithm resolution and model reduction for jointed structures dynamic simulation.

Meurdefroid Anthony, Peyret Nicolas, Chevallier Gaël

Kriging interpolation of periodic phenomena hidden in strain signal measured on hydraulic turbine runner at steady-operating conditions

Pham Quang Hung, Gagnon Martin, Antoni Jérôme, Tahan Souheil-Antoine, Monette Christine

Dynamic Characterization Of Hydroelectric Turbine In Transient Using OBMA And Phase-Shift Analysis

Dollon Quentin, Tahan Souheil-Antoine, Antoni Jérôme, Gagnon Martin, Monette Christine

Vibration Control of Cable-Driven Parallel Robot for 3D Printing

Lacaze Florian, Chesne Simon, Remond Didier

Shunted piezoelectrical flextensionnal suspension for vibration insulation

Billon Kevin, Montcoudiol Nathan, Aubry Alice, Pascual Rémi, Mosca Frederic, Jean Frederic, Pézerat Charles, Bricault Charlie, Chesne Simon

Robust optimization of Nonlinear Energy Sinks for the mitigation of dynamic instabilities in uncertain friction systems

Snoun Cherif, Bergeot Baptiste, Berger Sébastien

Vibration feature for detecting eccentric workpiece faults during grinding process

Ompusunggu Agusmian, Devos Steven, Vonderscher Yann, Motl Daniel

NAFID - A Grid Tool for output only modal analysis

Vu Viet-Hung

Toward the quality prognostic of an aircraft engine workpiece in Inconel Alloy 625: case study and proposed system architecture

Proteau Antoine, Tahan Souheil-Antoine, Thomas Marc

On the monitoring of noisy data as a multidimensional shell

Gagnon Martin, Léonard François, Merleau James, Tapsoba Dominique

Confounding factors analysis and compensation for high-speed bearing diagnostics

Daga Alessandro Paolo, Garibaldi Luigi, Fasana Alessandro, Marchesiello Stefano

Energy exchange between a nonlinear absorber and a pendulum under parametric excitation

Hurel Gabriel, Ture Savadkoohi Alireza, Lamarque Claude-Henri

A new method for identifying diagnostic rich frequency bands under varying operating conditions

Schmidt Stephan, Mauricio Alexandre, Heyns Stephan, Gryllias Konstantinos

Mechanical fault diagnosis using Cyclic Spectral Correlation and Bayesian Convolutional Neural Network

Chen Zhuyun, Mauricio Alexandre, Li Weihua, Gryllias Konstantinos

Wear Condition of Milling Cutter Monitoring by Compressed Sensing and Sparse Auto-encoder

Li Hongkun

Multi band integration on the cyclostationary bivariable methods for bearing diagnostics.

Mauricio Alexandre, Gryllias Konstantinos

Hybrid crankshaft control for the reduction of torsional vibrations and rotational irregularities

Paillot Guillaume, Chesne Simon, Remond Didier

Angular vibration on-site measurements and application to torsional analysis on industrial cases

Combet Francois, Boisseleau Louis

Challenging the multiplicative model used for gear vibration

Hubert Elisa, Borghesani Pietro, Barrau Axel, El Badaoui Mohammed, Randall Robert

Simulation of the static and dynamic behaviour of the foam: from the material sample to the automotive seat.

Blanchard Corentin, Weisser Thomas, Barbeau Romain, Aubry Evelyne, Mallet-Da Costa Anne-Isabelle


Kehr-Candille Veronique

Towards the use of hybrid models for diagnosis and prognosis in turbomachinery health management

Heyns Stephan, Ellis Brian, Diamond David, Du Toit Ronald

Measurement and use of transmission error for diagnostics of gears

Randall Robert, Chin Jacky, Smith Wade, Borghesani Pietro

Deep Learning for Frequency Band Selection of Rotating Machinery Faults

Peng Dandan, Jin Yaqiang, Liu Zhiliang, Xia Jianshuo


Sun Yulan, Thomas Marc

Life extension approach focusing on industrial and railway applications

Coulon Anne, Vincent Nicolas, Fondrat Julien

A new two-dimensionnal metastructure with acoustic frequency band gaps

Demore Félix, Madeo Angela, Collet Manuel

Bearing fault detection of civil aircraft engine operating under speed variation conditions

Wang Yi, Baoping Tangang, Qin Yi

Use of virtual sensors for the analysis of forces exerted by the load inside a rotating mill

Molina Vicuna Cristián, Venegas P. José, Valenzuela M. Aníbal

Fault prognosis of planetary gearbox using acoustic emission and genetic algorithm: a case study

Leaman Felix, Molina Vicuna Cristián, Baltes Ralph, Clausen Elisabeth

Detection sensitivity study of local faults in spur gears based on realistic simulations

Bachar Lior, Dadon Ido, Klein Renata, Bortman Jacob

Structural Health Monitoring System for Portal Cranes Based on Improved TOPSIS Method

Li Fugang, Xu Feiyun, Huang Kai, Zi Xuchang, Xu Pingkun

Remote diagnosis by analyzing heterogeneous data

Guerry Joris, Chanel François, Tardieu Nicolas

Experimental investigation of sensor mounting positions for localized faults detection of epicyclic gear sets

Guo Yu, Zhen Liu, Wu Xing, Yu Yinxin

Parameter-optimized variational mode decomposition based on bat algorithm for the fault diagnosis of rolling bearings

Aibing Zhang, Yi Qin, Lei Jin

Macroscopic-Microscopic Attention in LSTM Networks based on fusion Features for prediction of bearing remaining life

Qin Yi, Xiang Sheng, Yan Haoran

A helical gear dynamic model validated by a broken tooth experiment

Silverman Nadav, Dadon Ido, Klein Renata, Bortman Jacob

Fault size estimation in bearings based on FBG strain signals

Shimoni Dana, Ohana Ravit, Klein Renata, Tur Moshe, Bortman Jacob

Comparison and Improvement of Techniques for Transmission-Path Restoring

Matania Omri, Klein Renata, Bortman Jacob

Failure criterion of Ti-6Al-4V specimens submitted to track and dwell tests

Dallali Manel, Gautrelet Christophe, Khalij Leila, Conforto Egle

Defect Evolution in a Rolling Element Bearing

Gazizulin Dmitri, Klein Renata, Bortman Jacob

ARX model for experimental vibration analysis of grinding process by flexible manipulator

Nguyen Quoc-Cuong, Vu Viet-Hung, Thomas Marc

Selection of Condition Indicators for Improved Gear Fault Detection

Bechhoefer Eric

Early bearing defect detection in a noisy environment based on a method combining singular value decomposition and empirical mode decomposition

Kedadouche Mourad, Liu Zhaoheng, Thomas Marc

Combination of vibration analysis and Acoustic Emission measurements to better characterize damage and mechanical behaviour of aerospace high speed rolling bearing

Yoann Hebrard

Investigation on buckling of composite blade under aerostructural coupling load condition

Yuqiao Zheng

Towards 3D AFM Using Multiple Vibration Modes

Eyal Rubin, Izhak Bucher, Solomon Davis


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